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Event Speakers

Andrew Holmes (a father of two and a bi-racial man) is at his office in Saint John, New Brunswick. After finishing his lunch, he scrolls through his social media only to discover a video circulating that confirmed the unthinkable… the horrifying effects of the George Floyd-related riots (which originated 2,800 KM to the West) started to spread into his, mostly peaceful, part of the world. Thats when it hit him “If (and when) my children are faced with racism and bullying, what will I tell them?” The answer… "Love Over It".

Husband and wife team, Andrew and Kate-Lynn Holmes, operate Love Over It with the mission of promoting inclusion, unity and positive human relationships. No matter the situation, Love always has been and always will be the answer. Their mission is to share that good news.

We are excited to welcome Andrew and Kate-Lynn to the WE Believe stage as together they empower our youth to BE the change.

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