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WE Believe

Gathering over 8,000 youth from across North America,

WE Believe - Saint John is a powerful event aimed to inspire youth to be the change.

The event will also be live streamed around the world as we motivate everyone to "be the change".

WE Believe - Saint John is an ocean of people coming together to create an impact.

At the WE Believe - Saint John event, the speakers and performers will focus on various topics including, but not limited to, mental and physical health, volunteering, bullying & self-worth, and how each of us can better the world.

The WE Believe Event

Students and adults attending the event will have the opportunity to speak with over 40+ various organizations where they can become volunteers in their community. Numerous organizations will offer information to students who wish to broaden their volunteer experience by going beyond the local community and out into the rest of the world.


WE Believe works in partnership with the many businesses and organizations across North America.

It'll be a day you won't want to miss. 


Students cannot purchase a ticket to WE Believe. Individuals must earn their way in by doing something positive, both locally and internationally. WE Believe is a movement to kickstart our students to change the world - to make it a better place for all.

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