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Empowered to Ride

Empowered to Ride is youth coming together to improve their mental wellness through physical action. As we all know having a health body is an important step to having a healthy mind. In addition to teaching mountain bike riding and maintinance skills, the group of 10 youth also learn about the importance of mental and physical wellness.



CEO & Founder of Empowered to Ride

Caleb Foote is the visionary CEO and Founder of the Empowered to Ride Program, a groundbreaking initiative that blends his fervor for mountain biking and physical fitness with his deep understanding of mental wellness. Caleb's journey began in 2015 when he graduated from Sussex Regional High School, and in 2017, he further honed his skills by completing his education at New Brunswick Community College.


Having traversed various terrains across North America and Europe on his mountain bike, Caleb's passion for biking has become more than just a hobby - it's a way of life. He recognizes the profound link between physical activity and mental well-being, and it's this realization that fuels his dedication to the Empowered to Ride Program.


Empowered to Ride isn't just about mountain biking; it's about transformation. Caleb's program engages youth throughout New Brunswick on a weekly basis, imparting essential mountain biking techniques and bike maintenance skills. Beyond that, it focuses on nurturing mental wellness, a critical aspect often overlooked. Through this program, Caleb seeks to empower young individuals, helping them build resilience, self-confidence, and emotional strength.


What sets Caleb's program apart is not just his personal journey, but his commitment to bringing together a team of passionate coaches who are not only avid mountain bikers but also ardent advocates for mental and physical health. By intertwining their passion with their mission, they inspire the youth to realize the potential for change within themselves and their communities.


Caleb Foote's Empowered to Ride Program is more than an endeavor; it's a movement that revolutionizes how we perceive physical activity, mental health, and their intricate connection. Through his leadership, Caleb is shaping a brighter, more resilient future for New Brunswick's youth—one mountain bike ride at a time.

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Thank You to Our Sponsors

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Application for Empowered to Ride

Thank you for Applying to Empower to Ride

Empowered to Ride program is run free of charge, but we do appreciate your support.


Would you be interested in making a financial contribution to Empowered to Ride? All donations will receive a tax deductible receipt. A finacial donation has no bearing if you child is a part of this free program.


Bikes and helmets are provided to the youth to use, while a part of the program. A waiver must be signed before your child takes part in the program. We will contact you to follow up on this application within the next few weeks. After a phone and in person meeting has been completed you child will be placed on a waitlist in priority sequence.


I Pledge to...

Respect this Gift

 Riding trails on public or private lands is a gift, not a right. That hiker we just passed? She might own the land we're riding on. With every ride, let's remember to be grateful for the landowners and others who make it possible.

Protect Nature

Enjoy nature, don't ruin it. By keeping on the trails we're mitigating erosion - our single highest impact when we're out riding. Skidding causes erosion, cutting corners can cut off access, and riding muddy trails messes it up for everyone. If we see animals, don't bother them, remember them. Pick up trash, pack it out, carpool here and back.

Care for Others

We share the trails with others, and they have the same rights and responsibilities as each of us. If someone needs help, we help. If someone needs encouragement, we share our enthusiasm. And if it's going to make the situation better, we dismount. Be nice, yield to others, and give a smile.

Be the Example

We know our limits, and we ride within them. Beyond the ride, let’s park where we’re supposed to keep the tunes to a dull roar, and leave the IPAs for après somewhere else. Reckless behavior? A simple, polite call out will do.

Thanks for taking the Pledge!

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