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Aaron Armstrong has been an Atlantic Canadian radio host for more than 10 years now, with his voice having broadcast across each of the Maritime provinces.


Aaron has assisted and hosted numerous charitable functions over the years and is thrilled for the opportunity to not only co-host WE Believe Saint John, but also see the incredible lineup of speakers and hear their stories.


Let's welcome Aaron to the We Believe stage!



Honoured Guest Manager

In the face of extreme adversity, Tiffany Agnew created and launched The Braedon Foundation to raise a rainbow to her son's legacy. She leads the foundation's operations where she serves as the Board President, coordinates and manages each Happy Heart Project and leads their fundraising initiatives as well.


She also launched Tiffany Agnew Inspires where she empowers women to believe in possibility and healing after loss through speaking, coaching and writing.


Her mission is to change the conversation when it comes to children's illness, death, grief, loss, mourning and healing, not just for those grieving or facing major life-limiting/critical illness, but for everyone.


When she heard about We Believe - Saint John she couldn't wait to get involved because inspiration is her passion. She’s excited to volunteer with We Believe - Saint John and serve as the Honoured Guest Manager. She wholeheartedly believes that every single one of us is capable of changing the world and looks forward to seeing today’s youth get inspired and empowered to do that this year's event.


We are honoured to have Tiffany as a part of this amazing organization and are looking forward to using Tiffany’s creativity and passion here at We Believe.



Webmaster & Marketing

Curtis is a marketing graduate from the New Brunswick Comunity College in Saint John, New Brunswick. He is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a passion for learning new things, helping others, and brand development.

Curtis has been a part of Scouts Canada for the past 10 years, most recently as a Youth Leader. Having this role, Curtis has been able to encourage the youth to go above and beyond their comfort levels and support one another. Engaging in group work, strategizing together, and much more, Curtis empowers youth from the lessons he has learned while working his way up the organization's system.


Curtis is helping WE Believe as the Webmaster for their website through his new company, Summit 506. Summit 506 is a creative agency that provides services for small businesses and organizations to present themselves online, through social media, and modern print.

He is very excited to be able to promote WE Believe and build his project portfolio which now includes this great cause.



Brand Ambassador

Since being diagnosed with autism at age 3, Rachel Barcellona- with the support of her family, has educated, advocated and inspired. The autism advocate, model, author, brand ambassador for We Believe, singer, actress and pageant winner, created the non-profit Ability Beyond Disability to help those with disabilities realize they can accomplish anything and to support them in achieving their dreams! We welcome her to the WE Believe family.

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