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We Believe, in today’s world, the power of collaboration has become more needed than ever before. When individuals and organizations unite, united by a shared vision and a common goal, the possibilities for positive change are limitless. Collaboration has the potential to increase the impact, drive innovation, and create lasting solutions to some of the most pressing challenges we face as a society. 

Collaboration plays a important role in building stronger communities and driving social impact. By forming partnerships across sectors, we can address the interconnected challenges youth face, by empower individuals, and create sustainable change.

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Aisha Kindred is a passionate educator and qualified yoga teacher who works from her home based studio, Lunar Lark Yoga. For the last 9 years, she has created and delivered a yoga and mindfulness curriculum to children from ages 4-12. She also offers a dynamic and educational extracurricular yoga program for children. Her children's yoga classes include themed yoga sessions where kids learn yoga poses, mindfulness techniques, relaxation skills and tools for self-awareness and self-regulation and interpersonal skills while fostering independence and teamwork through a variety of stories, games, breath practice, and mindfulness activities. Each class ends with intentional rest which the children absolutely love. Feel free to reach out to Aisha at We welcome Aisha to the We Believe partnership family - as she empowers positive change.



Steered Straight is a proven program that does not explain drug prevention at school assemblies but TEACHES the reality of drugs and devises a prevention message the students implement themselves within their school system.

Steered Straight has become the number one booked program in America with assemblies focused on drug education prevention. Our program is primarily based on the uniqueness of the messenger, someone who has suffered the consequences of negative decisions. We have found that youth instantly identify with Michael DeLeon, or another of our speakers, as a changed, motivated teacher with a real-life story to tell.

Steered Straight does not simply educate students about the harmful nature of drugs and alcohol but provides the reality and deadly impact it can and will have on their lives. We remove the concern parents’ have on how to help their kids and replace it with active solutions.

We have found that the “just say no” message has not worked, nor will discipline and scare tactics. To actively achieve students wanting to stop using whatever substance, on whatever level and on their own, is the only method. However, it takes an engaging and powerful message. Michael DeLeon and his team delivers that.


Check us out at We are honoured to be a part of the We Believe Partnership family.

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