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The Senior Competitive Students of Danceability are honoured to perform at the WE Believe event this May! These dancers come from two troupes within the school. Our older girls in Kollision are Ashlyn, Jeana, Ciara, and Brooklynn. Looking up to them is Rhythmix. Julianna, Kayla, Taylor, Delia, Taryn, Emma, and Katey all have been members of this troupe since its first year.

These women have spent their lives dancing. Through good times and bad, dance has been the outlet in which these artists express their emotions, as well as burn fuel after a hard day at school. They travel to at least four competitions every year and perform in multiple shows. They spend hours in their studio each week, not just with their own class but assisting with the younger classes too.

Currently these dancers are prepping for their Christmas Recital, and next springs competition season. From now until January they are learning anywhere up ten pieces to hit the stage come March. They will compete here in Saint John, Fredericton, and Moncton.

When you watch these girls dance you can expect to see JOY, passion, excitement, energy, and so much love!


Event Dancers

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