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Production Manager

Kayla Johnson is a highly passionate and creative business professional living in Saint John, New Brunswick. She is also an Indigenous woman with family roots in Neqotkuk First Nation, New Brunswick, also known as Tobique.

With a background in event management, communications, and business development, Kayla spends her days planning and promoting events, mainly within New Brunswick's Indigenous communities. Shortly after graduating from UNB Saint John with a business degree and NBCC with an event management certificate, Kayla started her event management firm that she operated for 3 years up until 2021.

She now works full-time with a long-term client of hers supporting New Brunswick's Indigenous Economy through events and marketing. With the entrepreneurial spirit still alive, Kayla helps with events, marketing, and business development projects on the side. In her free time, Kayla is a passionate home cook and runs a blog called Kayla's Kitchen.

Kayla is passionate about the WE Believe Movement where we bring people together to create positive change to make this world a better place. We welcome Kayla to the WE Believe family.

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