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Webmaster & Marketing

Curtis is an Entrepreneur and Investor at heart. Graduating from the New Brunswick Community College in Saint John, New Brunswick with two businesses already started, he was eager to grow his brands further. He is an enthusiastic individual with a passion for learning new things, helping others, and brand development.

Curtis has been a part of Scouts Canada for the past 12 years, most recently as a Youth Leader. Having this role, Curtis has been able to encourage the youth to go above and beyond their comfort levels and support one another. Engaging in group work, strategizing together, and much more, Curtis empowers youth from the lessons he has learned while working his way up the organization's system.

Curtis is helping WE Believe as the Webmaster for their website through his new company, Summit 506 Creatives. Summit 506 Creatives is a creative agency that provides services for small businesses and organizations to present themselves online, through social media, and modern print.

He is very excited to be able to promote WE Believe and build his project portfolio, which now includes this great cause!

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