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Co-founder, WE Organization: WE Charity, WE Day, ME to WE
NY Times best-selling Author, Humanitarian, Social Entrepreneur

Craig’s incredible journey started in his parents’ living room. From visiting the most poverty-stricken and war-torn parts of the world to sitting on Oprah’s couch to building a global organization, Craig has helped change millions of lives and inspired millions of others to make a difference.

Over the past two decades, he and his brother, Marc—fellow WE co-founder—have grown the WE global community to engage over 4 million people in service, including 250,000 students who volunteer to earn their ticket to WE Day, the greatest celebration for social good in the world.

Their innovative social enterprise model, ME to WE, sustains the work of their charitable mission with socially conscious products and experiences. Their work has resulted in a holistic development model, WE Villages, to empower more than one million people in developing communities.

Craig is also the youngest-ever graduate of the Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA program and has received 16 honorary doctorates and degrees for his work in education and human rights. He is a social entrepreneur, a powerful and internationally acclaimed speaker, and has authored 12 books, including his newest, WEconomy: You can find meaning, make a living, and change the world.

Today, he continues to inspire and empower people of all ages to take steps toward making a meaningful difference. 

Co-Founder of the WE Organization

Craig Kielburger

Bailey Soucy is a 10 year old who resides in Houlton, Maine with her mother, Lori. Bailey is in the 4th grade and an active member of student council and children theatre. She is very involved in Jazz and ballet dance. Bailey also sees the importance of volunteering.

She has successfully completed over 200 hours of volunteer work and has received one gold and two silver presidential awards. Bailey was the 2018 USA National Miss Maine Princess. Bailey has been involved with the Crown CARES for four years.  Bailey was invited as a guest speaker to WE Believe 2018 during her reign as the 2018 USA National Miss Maine Princess and is very excited to be returning as a co-host for WE Believe 2020. WE welcome Bailey to the WE Believe stage on May 14, 2020.

2020 Co-Host


Payton is a grade 7 student at Hampton Middle School. She is passionate about helping others through her many hours of volunteering. She is an active member of the Me to WE team, which promotes volunteering both locally and globally.

During her free time, Payton loves to play sports. WE welcome her to the WE Believe stage as one of our co-host for the day.

2020 Co-Host


Emma Jeapes is a 19 year old Carleton University student who is double majoring in French and English. Emma loves sports and working out. She has participated in several varsity teams in high school including Cross Country Running, Track and Field, Downhill and Nordic Skiing, and swimming.

Emma is passionate about her community and giving back. She continues to spend much of her free time volunteering with any activity that involves her passion, children. Once completed school, Emma plans to teach children in less fortunate communities giving them opportunities that they may not otherwise have!

Highlighted Speaker


Haley Collicott is 23 years old and preparing to enter her fourth, and final year, at St. Thomas University. She is focusing on Science and Technology Studies as well as Cultural and Forensic Anthropology.

She has a wonderful family, loving boyfriend, two adorable guinea pigs, and ten fish! Haley is passionate about ending the stigma surrounding mental illness and loves sharing her story with others in the hopes of helping those living with mental illnesses feel a little less lonely. She cannot wait to be a part of WE Believe 2020!

2020 Event Speaker


At the age of 4, Anthony was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), which is on the Autism Spectrum (ASD). Specialists told his parents that he would barely graduate high school, would never finish college, would never have a shot at being an athlete, and would likely live in a group institution with other Autistic kids for his adult life.

Despite adversity, bullies, and numerous personal challenges Anthony worked hard and never gave up. Not only did he earn his Bachelor’s Degree from Michigan State University in Sociology he is the first known athlete with autism to play NCAA Division One College Basketball. Today, Anthony is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the country. 

2020 Event Speaker


Alex is a grade 9 student who attends Hampton High School. She is passionate about supporting our troops through Operation Santa Claus.

Alex has had numerous opportunities to talk to audiences of varying sizes about supporting our troops and on May 17, 2018 she spoke at WE Believe in front of over 90,000 people. In May 2019, Alex competed in the Miss Teen New Brunswick Pageant in Moncton, NB winning first runner up. Alex's life long dream is to become a doctor. We welcome Alex, for the second time, to the WE Believe stage.

2020 Event Speaker


Miranda is a 6th Grade student who enjoys dancing, modelling, pageant’s, and volunteering in her community. Through her many hours of volunteering, Miranda has had the opportunity to help and impact the lives of other children - just like where the idea of Kid’s Speak originated.

Kid’s Speak is a forum for kids, a place where they can go to talk about anything that affects them. A place for kid’s to be there for each other and know that they aren’t alone. Knowing that no matter what they may be going through, it does not define who they are or who they can be. We welcome Miranda to the WE Believe stage on May 14, 2020, where she will share all about her passion to help others. WE welcome Miranda to her first appearance on the WE Believe stage.

2020 Event Speaker

Miranda Torrey

Tom Dahlborg is a husband, a father, and a coach.

Initially having no intention of becoming a coach, he eventually did so to help his son, and other children who have been bullied by coaches or other trusted adults.

He is the author of the book,

"The Big Kid and Basketball ... and the lessons he taught his Father and Coach".

He now speaks throughout the United States and Canada about the short and long term impacts of bullying and what we can do together to make a difference for others.

2020 Event Speaker


Jenna Lawrence is a grade 9 student at Hampton High School. She is passionate about helping others be the best they can be. She enjoys spending time with her friends and encouraging others. WE welcome Jenna to the WE Believe stage with her powerful message of supporting others.

2020 Event Speaker

Jenna Lawrence

Sarah M. Pennington is a 21-year-old college student attending the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. She is pursing a BFA in Film & TV with a minor in Business Management and Entrepreneurship with the hopes of becoming a film director. In addition to her academic endeavours  Sarah spends much of her time involved with motivation speaking.

She is a passionate advocate on behalf of mental health and invisible disabilities, and enjoys sharing her story of courage and self-love with the hope of inspiring others. Sarah loves to travel with her service dog, Daisy, across the United States and Canada as she speaks to groups of all ages and sizes. One of the highlights of Sarah’s career thus far has been her appearance on the Megyn Kelly Today Show where she discussed breaking barriers as a pageant girl. 

2020 Event Speaker


Brianna Jack is a 15 year old student from Nackawic Highschool. In 2018, Brianna spoke at WE Believe Saint John in front of 8,000 students and over 90,000 watching a live-stream about her passion for literacy and how its changed hers, and the life of others. She has two organizations: Brianna's Bookworms and Maine Books for Maine Kids. Through these, she has donated over 10,000 books in the United States and Canada.

In August 2019, Brianna will took her first ME to WE Volunteer trip to Ecuador. We are excited to have her share about the impact this trip has had on her life and the lives of others. On May 14, 2020 we happily welcome Brianna back to the WE Believe stage.

2020 Event Speaker


Our Mimiges (butterfly) dancers emerged from a community project initiated by our local sewing/quilters group. They wanted to make every girl in our school a shawl and dress for our end of the year celebration and annual Pow wow. The group keeps growing every year and we now have dancers from the community who have taken on the leadership of teaching our students!


Our students get invited to local events, Pow wow’s at other schools, and more. They are an amazing group of girls who have strong spirits guiding them. They can’t wait to perform at WE Believe 2020, Saint John!

2020 Event Dancers

The Mimiges Dancers

Sara is 19 years old and will be attending college in the fall. In 2018 Sara attended WE Day while competing in the Maritimes Pageant, where she won the title of Miss Teen Prince Edward Island. This is where Sara decided she wanted to be an advocate for children, just like herself with learning disabilities, and like her younger sister who is deaf. 


Sara is passionate about sharing her story and spreading a message of love and acceptance for one another. She understands the struggle of being considered “different” or not “fitting in” and she hopes that her story will inspire others to fully embrace their differences! We are honoured to have Sara join us at WE Believe - she is an amazing person with an amazing talent.

2020 O Canada Opening

Sara Roach